The Villa Gaby is one of the most beautiful building erected along the « Corniche » of Marseilles at the end of the 19th century.

This italian-style Villa is one of the well-known « folie » – architectural folly – of the Corniche, along with the Villa Valmer, the Chateau Berger and the Chateau Talabot. The Villa is located at 285, Corniche Kennedy, near the Chateau Berger, the marigraph and the Villa Valmer.
On july 14th 1918, the music-hall star Gaby Deslys decided to buy at auction the sumptuous palace called Villa Maud out from the industrial magnat Jean-Baptiste Ribaudo. Struck by tuberculosis, she died in 1920 and left the house to the City of Marseille, giving instructions so that the Villa becomes a children hospital. It has been property of the Assistance Publique des Hôpitaux de Marseille (AP-HM, public hospital system of the city of Marseille) since the 50's, and had become a place of residence for important guests.

After a call for bids in 2015, the AP-HM decided to delegate its administration and entrusted it to MCO Congrès, an agency specialized in putting medical conventions together, which started renovating the site to develop a place dedicated to promoting science and medicine. Doing so, this innovative approach combines transformation/promotion of the medical community and an upgrading project of preexisting structures. A unique and wholly new dynamic that stands for an unprecedented evolution in the healthcare sector of Marseille, especially medicine. Becoming an international center for conventions, the Villa is going to help the medicine and scientific community of Marseille to spread and develop. Thus, Gaby Deslys's legacy will always remain a guiding idea in the place's future. The Villa is designed to host colloqiums, congresses, directors seminars, boards and masterclasses for learned societies, strategy meetings for organisations or companies, receptions and events promoting Marseille through Europe...

The renovation project of the Villa Gaby offers the medical and scientific community of Marseille a new and unique place with high quality service to organise national and international events.

Supported by « Marseille Santé 2020 », this project is a great new opportunity for the medical corps to highlight its savoir-faire.
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